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Business Rates Advisors is a division of Council Tax Advisors Ltd. BRA provides FREE confidential advice to businesses that are in arrears with their Business Rates (NDR) and/or facing Bailiff Enforcement. 

Business Rates Advisors can . . .

Provide you with FREE business rates advice 
Put a stop to Bailiff Enforcement by Equita, Ross & Roberts, Jacobs, Chandlers etc. 
Mediate on your behalf between you, your council and its Business Rates Bailiffs
Set up affordable, sustainable, repayment plans allowing your business to continue to operate. 
Continued support until your arrears are repaid in full. 
Offer you a 100% money back guarantee, your case resolved or a full refund.

If you are struggling with Business Rates arrears, don’t do so in silence,

we CAN help your business. 

We have a great deal of experience dealing with Bailiff companies such as Equita Enforcement, Ross & Roberts, Jacobs, Chandlers and many others in relation to Non-Domestic Rates arrears. Our professional mediation service has resolved the issues of many 100’s of businesses nationwide.

BRA has expert advisors on hand 24hrs a day to speak to you about the issues you face with Business Rates (Non-Domestic Rates) and, if you feel that necessary we can mediate on your behalf between you, your council and its Business Rates Bailiffs to arrange affordable, sustainable repayment plans, allowing you to continue to run your business and, in many cases avoid the closure of your business.

Business Rates Advisors specialise in working with the following industry sectors:

Pubs & Clubs    Construction    Retail   

Catering    Restaurants    The Motor Trade 


To get immediate help with your Business Rates and to put a stop to Bailiff action please call or email and one of our Business Rates Advisors will contact you at a time that suits you. 



Call 01225 667 667


e-mail chris.richards@counciltaxadvisors.co.uk


Visit our website www.counciltaxadvisors.co.uk  

Customer Testimonial
"“To whom it may concern,

I write, to thank BRA , Stuart Cox, and staff for you excellent service and advice.

I contacted CTA in January 2013, following a visit from bailiffs, I was put through to Stuart ,who advised and reassured me not to worry ,and that he and BRA could help me ,after explaining what Stuart could do next, I was pleased, (there was a fee, I will say it was well worth every penny)

I couldn’t of been happier with the service I had received from Stuart, and all his colleagues at BRA. I would whole heartily recommend BRA to anyone if they have any issues.

The staff are friendly, helpful and can help with any issues you have


From a happy client Mr N.J. Woods.”

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